Can I get a power liftgate on my 2023 4Runner?

A power liftgate is available on all 2023 4Runner models.

Toyota 4Runner

Cargo loading and unloading will be facilitated by this handy feature.
The power liftgate can also act as a weathershield, blocking precipitation, snow, and dirt from entering the car.

Simple to operate, the power liftgate opens with the press of a button, whether that button is on the remote or the tailgate itself.

With its height-adjustable hinges, you can set it to the ideal height for you.

Persons of shorter stature may find this feature especially useful because it facilitates the loading and unloading of cargo.

The power liftgate is an excellent convenience that also helps to keep the inside of your car in pristine condition.

Because of its height-adjustable design, you can open it to a level that’s most practical for you and your cargo, speeding up loading and unloading operations.

If you happen to live in an area that regularly sees wet and muddy conditions, you’ll appreciate the power liftgate’s ability to keep the elements out.

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