Do Alfa Romeos drive the new Dodge Hornet?

When Dodge finally unveiled a brand-new automobile after a little over a decade, they called it the Hornet, and it looked suspiciously like an Alfa Romeo Tonale. The Hornet, which revives the name used by American Motors Corporation in the 1970s, will be based on the newly disclosed Alfa Romeo Tonale, as suggested by ambiguous, leaked photographs as early as February.

2023 Dodge Hornet

According to The Drive, Alfa Romeo was furious that Dodge completed nearly all of the work on the new Hornet and all they had to do was slap a new badge on it and change the bumpers to compete with the pricing of the Alfa Romeo Tonale. Dodge’s new car chassis are based on the Alfa Romeo Tonale, which has irked many at the Italian automaker. The existence of the Dodge Hornet is disastrous for the sales of the new Alfa Romeo Tonale SUV, which the company is marketing as a luxury model.

Median-drive Only time will tell if parent firm Stellantis has found a method to differentiate the driving performance of the Alpha Romeo Tonale and the next Hornet vehicle.

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