Exactly How Much Is A Tesla Model 3 With All Costs Included?,

When it comes to buying a Tesla Model 3, there are more than just the sticker price to consider. This electric vehicle comes with a number of costs associated with it that need to be taken into account in order to get the total cost. With the help of some research and a calculator, you can get an estimate of exactly how much is a Tesla Model 3 with all costs included.

Tesla Model 3

First and foremost, there’s the purchase price itself. The base model of the Tesla Model 3 starts at $37,990 USD but if you’re looking for a few extras, you can pay up to $60,490 USD for the Long Range AWD variant with Premium Upgrades package. You’ll also need to consider registration fees and taxes which could add up to an additional 2-3%. Then there’s insurance which could cost anywhere between $500-$2,000 USD depending on where you live and your individual driving history.

Aside from upfront costs, long-term maintenance will also affect the total cost of owning a Tesla Model 3. It’s important to remember that because Teslas are electric cars, they require different servicing compared to traditional vehicles with combustion engines; however regular checkups at a Tesla Service Center aren’t necessary for basic maintenance such as oil changes or tire rotations so it’s still cheaper overall than many other cars in its class. Additionally, you’ll need to factor in electricity costs since Teslas use electricity rather than gasoline; fortunately, most states offer tax incentives for purchasing electric vehicles which will offset this cost significantly.

Finally, potential buyers should take into account charging equipment when determining how much is a Tesla Model 3 with all costs included. Charging equipment ranges in price from $600 USD (home wall connector) to over $1,500 USD (Level 2 home charger). There are also mobile charging options available that range in price from around $300-$700 USD depending on their power output capabilities and whether or not they come bundled with accessories like adapters and cords.

All in all, after adding up purchase price plus registration fees & taxes plus insurance plus long-term maintenance costs plus charging equipment – the total cost of owning a Tesla Model 3 could be anywhere between $40-65 thousand dollars or even higher depending on what you choose! However taking advantage of discounts offered by the manufacturer (such as referral bonuses) or tax credits given by states for purchasing electric vehicles could help lower the total amount significantly – making it an attractive option for eco-friendly car buyers everywhere.

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