How much money will you need to buy a Tesla Model 3?

The asking price of a Tesla Model 3 isn’t the only expense you’ll have to shoulder when purchasing one of these electric vehicles; there are a number of other fees and charges that must be factored in as well.

Tesla Model 3

The purchase price of a Tesla Model 3 ranges from $37,990 USD for the base model to $60,490 USD for the Long Range AWD variant with Premium Upgrades package, not including additional fees and taxes that may add another 2-3%. Insurance premiums may add another $500-$2,000 USD, depending on your location and driving history.

The lifetime cost of owning a Tesla Model 3 depends on more than just the purchase price. Regular checkups at a Tesla Service Center aren’t necessary for basic maintenance like oil changes or tyre rotations, so it’s still cheaper overall than many cars in its class.

Finally, prospective buyers should consider the cost of charging equipment when calculating the total price of a Tesla Model 3. Home wall connectors cost $600 USD, while Level 2 home chargers cost over $1,500 USD. Mobile charging options cost around $300 USD to $700 USD, depending on power output capabilities and whether or not they come bundled with accessories like adapters and cords.

The full cost of ownership for a Tesla Model 3 could be anywhere from $40.000 to $65.000 or more, including the purchase price, registration fees & taxes, insurance, long-term maintenance, and charging equipment. However, discounts from the manufacturer (such as referral bonuses) or tax credits given by states for purchasing electric vehicles could help reduce the total amount.

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