In 2023, how much will a Tesla Model Y set you back?

The full sticker price of a brand new Tesla Model Y, when equipped with all of the available premium features, is around $90,00. This price is for the more expensive Performance trim.

Tesla Model Y
Tesla Model Y

A brand-new Model Y costs $41,990, a long-range all-wheel-drive Model Y costs $49,990, and the Performance all-wheel-drive Model Y costs $59,990. The price of Tesla’s performance dual-motor AWD model goes up to roughly PS70,000, while the price of the standard-range dual-motor AWD version can reach up to PS60,000.

Launching in 2023, Tesla’s Model Y may be leased for $906 per month over 36 months and $6,220 in upfront fees (with 10,000 miles per year assumed). Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, said in January that the standard range base model would be discontinued just two months into the year in favour of the Long Range, Single-Motor variant. The base price of a 2023 Model 3 sedan is just over $48,000 (including delivery), and the base price of a 2023 Model Y SUV is just above $67,000 (not counting the company’s uncommon discounts).

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