Is it safe to leave my Tesla at a charging station for the night?

Leaving your Tesla at a charging station overnight is perfectly fine. It’s true that many individuals prefer this method because it’s more convenient than charging at home. The most time-efficient method of keeping your Tesla charged and ready to go is to plug it in when you arrive home and let it charge while you sleep.

Tesla Model X

The sort of charging station you use will have an impact on how safe it is to leave your Tesla overnight. Tesla Destination Chargers allow you to park your car for several hours or even overnight while you recharge. There is probably a Tesla charging station waiting for you at the end of your trip, since there are more than 35,000 Wall Connectors at Destination Charging locations in both urban and rural areas.

Keep in mind that Supercharger stations are built for fast charging, not overnight storage. Therefore, you shouldn’t leave your Tesla at a Supercharger station overnight. It’s recommended that you charge your Tesla at home or at a Tesla Destination Charger.

Remember that you might not be permitted to keep your Tesla parked at the charging station once it’s done recharging. Be cautious of this when leaving your car at a charging station, since it will send a notification to your phone when the battery hits the threshold you set.

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