Is The V8 Being Removed From The Ram?

With the advent of a new platform and electric muscle cars, Dodge has decided to abandon the V8 engine.

Soon, only hybrid and fully electric vehicles will be sold, marking the end of the era for the Hemi V8.

A Dodge representative and the company’s CEO both confirmed this.

In contrast to the standard V8 combustion engines found in Dodge performance cars in the past, this is a radical departure.

This platform will be phased out beginning with the Q1 2021 concept car.

It will be succeeded by a hybrid electric muscle car built upon modern architecture.

Despite the loss of the Hemi V8 brand, Dodge is expected to unveil a new electric muscle car in the second quarter of 2021, as reported by Motor1.

Internal combustion engines like V8s will power the next-gen model, but there will be more electrified variants to choose from.

While the Hemi V8 engine is instantly recognisable, a smaller displacement turbocharged engine may eventually take its place.

In some Stellantis models, such as Dodge trucks, the Hemi V8 has been speculated to be replaced by the new GME T6 twin-cylinder engine.

The T6 is a mid-sized engine suitable for use in global medium vehicle applications;

it also has the potential to receive performance variants in the form of the Hellcat.

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