Tesla Model 3 & Model Y: Configure Your Own Or Choose Inventory?

The Tesla Model 3 and the Model Y are two of the most popular cars on the market today, with their high-tech features and luxury appointments making them great choices for many. But when it comes to configuring your own car or selecting one from inventory, which should you choose?

Tesla Model 3

The answer will depend on your individual preferences, as both options come with their own set of pros and cons. Configuring your own Tesla Model 3 or Model Y gives you a level of control that can be hard to beat – from selecting the trim levels and packages to choosing exterior color and wheel designs. You’ll also get the advantage of customizing every aspect of the vehicle in order to meet your exact needs.

On the other hand, selecting a car from Tesla’s inventory is usually faster than building one from scratch – some models are even ready for delivery within days! Additionally, Tesla often offers discounts or incentives on inventory vehicles that aren’t available when building a car yourself. It can also be more cost effective since some of the fees associated with configuring a car are waived if you purchase an already made model.

No matter what route you choose, it is important to consider all factors before deciding whether to configure your own or choose inventory. Take time to compare prices between each option and make sure that you understand exactly what you’re getting with each model before making any final decisions. With some careful research and thought, you’ll be sure to find the perfect Tesla Model 3 or Model Y for you.

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