The Ram 1500 Revolution Beverage Concept Hints to an Electric Pickup Truck in 2024

This article discusses the Stellantis Ram 1500 Revolution BEV concept, which is a battery-powered pickup truck that is built on the STLA Frame EV platform. The truck is slated to come out in 2025, and will be the last of the Detroit Three EV pickups to hit the market. – The Ram 1500 Revolution Bev Concept Teases 2024 Electric Pickup Truck is an innovative concept from the automakers at StLa.

The Ram 1500
The Ram 1500

It features two electric motors, one for each axle, powered by an EV platform and frame built from a StLa frame. This pickup will be the first of its kind to hit the market, and promises to revolutionize the size vehicles in this segment. The foundation of this truck is a StLa frame that is made up of aluminum and steel, giving it a lighter weight than other pickups or SUVs.

This is promising for the Ram truck brand and its competitors, as a lighter vehicle means better fuel economy, handling and overall performance. The announcement of this electric Ram truck also means that other segments of the Ram truck brand may soon be able to deliver a full electric solution, such as full-size SUVs and commercial vehicles.

This could put the Ram truck brand in competition with the Detroit Three (Ford, GM and Chrysler) when it comes to producing electric pickups for the 2024 model year. The StLa frame is designed to underpin not only trucks but also SUVs and commercial vehicles, making it versatile enough to cover all aspects of the Ram truck brand’s portfolio. With purely electric propulsion options available through this new frame, it looks like the Ram 1500 Revolution Bev Concept will be able to deliver a full portfolio of electric vehicles in the near future.

As the first major automotive rival to bring a ram to the EV game, Ram is years behind Ford, Chevy, GMC and even Tesla. However, they have stated that the final product vehicle will have more range than most electric pickups on the market. At CES this year, Ram revealed their Revolution Bev Concept and showcased their new technologies for electric pickup trucks. The Ram 1500 Revolution Bev Concept teases a 2024 production date for an electric truck that could compete with the Ford F-150 Electric.

Unveiled by the Ram Truck brand, a division of Stellantis, the Revolution Bev Concept is the first concept vehicle to be made using the new STLA battery platform. It will feature solid state batteries and is part of Stellantis’ plan to expand their brand EV’s. The Revolution Bev will offer a new window into what electric vehicles can do in terms of power and capabilities.

The concept was unveiled at CES 2021 in Las Vegas, Nevada with great fanfare from Stellantis Ram Truck Brand. This marks an exciting time for electric vehicle technology as it demonstrates how far battery powered vehicles have come in recent years.

The Ram 1500 Revolution BEV concept is a futuristic electric truck set to be released in the 2024 model year. It has been revealed that a production version of this electric truck will be launched in the near future, competing with the Chevy Silverado EV and Ford models.

The concept features giant wheels and suicide doors, which open up to reveal spacious cabins. It is targeting production in just a few months, leading its segment with trademark features such as a large battery pack and an onboard generator.

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