Toyota Corolla Turned Into Musical Instrument Is Why We Pay For Internet

Music has always been a powerful and uplifting way of expressing our inner emotions, from the jubilant singing of a marching band to the emotional storytelling of a solo artist.

Toyota Corolla
Toyota Corolla

For those of us lucky enough to have access to the internet, we now have the ability to explore the depths of our creativity through virtual tools, such as those available through streaming music services and other creative applications. But what happens when one takes this creative power to the extreme and makes the mundane exciting? That’s exactly what Japanese Toyota Corolla owner Hiroyuki Yamamoto has done by transforming his old car into a beautiful, one-of-a-kind musical instrument.

In order to build the Corolla Musical Instrument, Hiroyuki took the already solid construction of the Corolla and combined it with the creativity of a master artist. He modified the steering wheel and dashboard of the Corolla to have 8 mechanical triggers with rubber mallets, with the triggers being placed near the lights, air conditioning, speedometer, and even the ashtray.

As the triggers are pressed and struck with the mallets, different sounds and notes are produced, creating an unusual yet captivating melody that mimics the sound of a real instrument. With the 8 different trigger zones, Hiroyuki is able to play melodies with enough accuracy and variation that he can be considered a professional musician.

Not only does this inventive instrument provide a unique sonic experience, it also serves as a reminder of the creative potential available to all of us, if we just think outside the box and use our imagination. For many of us, we pay for the internet in order to find distraction and entertainment, such as browsing websites and watching movies.

However, Hiroyuki has taken this a step further by leveraging the internet’s accessibility and wide array of resources to create something extraordinary. His use of an everyday item, such as an old Toyota Corolla, in order to build an instrument of this caliber is an impressive feat, and one that deserves recognition and admiration.

In short, Hiroyuki Yamamoto has proven that the internet can be used for much more than merely entertainment or work purposes. With just a bit of creativity and some technological know-how, anyone with access to the internet can make the mundane into something extraordinary. As Hiroyuki has shown us, the potential for creating beautiful and interesting projects, especially with technology, is infinite. We may pay for the internet to provide us with comfort, but its full power comes to life when we take it one step further and make the most of our access.

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