2021 Tesla Model 3: Opt For New LFP Battery Pack Or Wait For NCA?

The 2021 Tesla Model 3 is equipped with two types of battery packs – a lithium-ion pack and the new LFP (Lithium Iron Phosphate) battery pack.

Those who are considering buying the 2021 Model 3 should weigh their options carefully before deciding

whether to opt for the LFP battery pack or wait for the NCA (Nickel Cobalt Aluminium). The LFP battery has higher energy density,

so it’s lighter and more powerful than the original version. It also offers greater safety than conventional Li-Ion batteries.

 On the other hand, NCA technology has better longevity, charge time and temperature range than Li-Ion batteries.

It’s ultimately up to buyers to decide which option works best for them, depending on how much power they need and how long they plan on keeping their vehicle.