2023 Kia Ev6 Fully Loaded: Price, Features, And Options

This article compares the costs and features of the new base, Wind, and GT trim levels for the Kia EV6.

The Light trim level has been retired, and its place has been taken by the Wind trim level.

The top-tier choice for the electric SUV is the GT trim level, which includes more amenities than the Wind trim level.

The most popular EV in the 2023 lineup, with a starting price of $52,500, is the Kia EV6 GT AWD.

With the introduction of this model, the Wind trim level's least priced option is replaced with a more expensive AWD trim.

This variant comes equipped with an 8-speed automatic transmission and all-wheel drive as standard.

A new base model price with a starting point of $45,000 will also be included in the second year of this vehicle's manufacturing.