A strange issue has arisen as a result of Tesla offering its Superchargers to other EVs.

In order to boost competition and provide EV drivers with additional convenience,

Tesla recently announced its plan to enable other electric vehicles to use its Supercharger network of rapid charging stations. But this choice has brought forth a unique issue.

Now that other EV owners are travelling great distances to use Tesla's powerful Superchargers,

 local public charging stations are overrun with huge queues that occasionally go into the street.

For nearby EV owners who just want to charge their cars without having to go across town or stand in line for hours, this has become a major annoyance.

While Tesla is expanding its charging capacity in regions where there is the most demand, several towns are adding more public chargers to solve this issue.

The open access approach adopted by Tesla will ultimately expand the number of electric vehicles on the

road and make it simpler for everyone to maintain fully charged EVs.