Are there any steering wheels on the Cybertruck?

Yes, there is a steering wheel on the Tesla Cybertruck. The yoke steering wheel will be installed in the electric pickup truck,

according to Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla. Tesla is anticipated to use the same steering wheel that has proven to be successful with the

Model S and Model X in the Cybertruck. The yoke steering wheel has handles in the shape of butterflies that allow drivers to better manage their vehicle.

It is intended to improve the driving experience for drivers. End of 2021 is the anticipated debut date for the Cybertruck,

 and Musk has promised to give an update on the product plan early in 2022.

The Tesla Cybertruck will undoubtedly be a ground-breaking automobile,

and the addition of a yoke steering wheel is yet another way that it will differentiate itself from the competition.