At A Tesla Supercharger, How Do I Pay?

How to pay for charging at a Tesla Supercharger is explained in this article.

You can either use free Supercharger credits or a credit card that is saved in your Tesla account.

Tesla may impose a cost for charging if you don't have one of these choices and doesn't indicate a method of payment.

Located Tesla owners may easily travel large distances thanks to Tesla Supercharging Stations.

It is simple to plan your long distance travel and stop along the way for the charge you require because there are so many Supercharging Stations scattered throughout key interstates.

Depending on the generation and type of EV you own, Supercharging costs can vary.

Simply sign into your account at or use the Tesla app on your phone to pay at a Tesla Supercharger.

Your Tesla will instantly identify your account and start charging when it pulls up to a Supercharger.

You won't be charged for your charging session if you have free Supercharger credits, which will be added to it.

You may also use the website or app to set up future supercharging sessions by providing a payment method, examine your account history, and manage it online.

Right now, a credit card is the sole accepted form of payment.