Can a Chevy Bolt use a Tesla fast charger?

The Chevy Bolt is not compatible with Tesla fast chargers, also known as Superchargers.

This is because Tesla Superchargers use a proprietary charging technology that is not compatible with other electric vehicles, including the Chevy Bolt.

The Chevy Bolt is equipped with the SAE Combo Charging System (CCS) which is a fast-charging standard that is used by many other electric vehicle manufacturers.

This charging system is compatible with Level 2 and DC Fast charging,

which can charge the Chevy Bolt at a rate of up to 25 miles of range per hour and up to 90 miles of range per hour respectively.

It's also important to note that even though the Chevy Bolt can't use Tesla Superchargers,

it can still use other Level 2 and DC Fast charging options that are widely available in public places such as parking garages, shopping centers, and hotels.