Can Cybertruck drive itself?

Yes, Cybertruck will be able to drive itself. Next year, Tesla intends to introduce a

 new Full Self-Driving Computer with Cybertruck electric pickup truck, giving users the option of full self-driving.

 Tesla has already started distributing over-the-air upgrades that will enable complete self-driving features,

and Elon Musk has also promised an extraordinarily clever car that will drive itself in the near future.

The first deliveries of the fully autonomous Cybertruck are anticipated to occur in late 2021 or late 2022. The lack of side mirrors, the "vault" bed cover,

and the power ports that can be used to plug in accessories are just a few of the autonomous characteristics Tesla had in mind when designing Cybertruck.

 By the time the first Cybertruck is delivered, Autopilot will have all of its features, be fully developed and highly advanced,

and Tesla anticipates that in specific situations and environments, it will be permitted for fully autonomous driving.

The Cybertruck is a helpful autonomous utility item with a lot of flexibility, endurance, and range, making it a wonderful way to wager on an autonomous future.