Can We Confidently Say That Model Y Is The Highest Selling Electric Vehicle In The USA?

In this article, we learn that the Tesla Model Y is, and is expected to remain, the best-selling electric car in the United States.

Market researchers claim that in February 2021, Tesla Model Y sales in the United States were 150% greater than the same period the year before.

Because of this, it's easily the best-selling vehicle in the world. With 19,144 units sold during February of 2021, it was in the top 10 best-selling automobiles in Europe.

That's a huge jump over last year, and it's enough to put it on par with sales of gas-powered vehicles for the first time.

Strong sales numbers in both Europe and the United States imply that the Tesla Model Y has established itself as one of the leading electric vehicles on both sides of the Atlantic.

One of the most successful electric vehicles of all time, it has been able to capitalise on its existing market share.

Manufacturer Tesla Motors reported 2020 U.S. sales of 191,451 Model Y electric vehicles.

This makes it the best-selling electric vehicle in America and the sixth best-selling vehicle overall.

Over 252,000 Model Y automobiles have been sold by Tesla through the first three quarters of 2020.