Can You Lock A Tesla With The Key Fob Inside?

This article discusses how the key fob and mobile phone app work to auto-lock your Tesla when you exit and walk away,

but if the key fob is not detected, the car will lock using its auto-lock function.

Fortunately, Tesla owners have the ability to override this and lock their cars with the key fob inside.

Depending on the Tesla model, you may be able to use either a key app on your phone or a holding key fob to lock your car doors.

Most models are designed with a key fob that can sense proximity, so if it is close enough to the automobile exits, it will detect its presence and lock the doors.

If this doesn't happen, then you can use your phone's app or holding key fob to manually lock them from outside of the vehicle.

The newer Tesla models may even be able to detect that you are already holding a key fob and will automatically lock when you walk away from it even without an app or holding key fob.