Can You Still Afford the Tesla Model 3 After Price Increases?

When the Tesla Model 3 was released, it was a revolutionary car that made the benefits of electric vehicle technology affordable.

But the Model 3's base price has lately increased significantly, raising the question: Is it still a good deal?

Although the higher price has certain drawbacks—not it's as affordable as before—it also has some benefits.

The Model 3 is now even more inexpensive, has more amenities, and has a longer range for people looking for an EV that can travel far.

A number of tax rebates and other incentives may also be available to buyers, which might help offset some of the additional costs.

Overall, the Tesla Model 3 is still a good option if you're searching for an electric car, even though its price has increased and it is no longer regarded as "affordable."

Even if it costs more, the improved features, larger range, and cutting-edge technology make it a desirable choice.