Can you tell me about the Rivian R1battery? T's

Despite the fact that this patent only covers a secondary battery pack for an R1T, an electric pickup truck, Rivian has plans to produce an R1S, an electric SUV.

Rivian says the R1T pickup truck and the Launch Edition can each travel over 300 miles on a single charge.

For the R1T and R1S, Rivian is holding off on releasing the 180.0 kWh maximum pack option, dubbed the Explore Package, until 2023.

To speed up production, Rivian is focusing on the 80% who wanted a larger pack, rather than the 20% who ordered a pack with a higher 180-kWh max.

If all goes according to Rivian's plans, truck owners will be able to go anywhere in the world without being connected to the power grid by keeping a spare battery pack in the bed.

In April, Rivian Automotive, a maker of electric trucks, made an announcement.

opted to have Samsung SDI supply batteries for its R1T pickup and R1S SUV models.