Can you tell me how long it takes to fully charge a Ford F-150 electric truck?

The truck's battery size and capacity is a primary consideration. The time required to charge a larger battery will be more than that required by a smaller battery.

Second, how quickly or how much electricity you use to charge the vehicle is a factor.

Depending on the charging rate and the outlet type, the time it takes to fully charge a device might be anywhere from 30 minutes to 12 hours or more.

Most electric vehicles can add 25 miles to their range in about an hour when charging at a Level 2 station.

Level 1 chargers (the typical wall plug) will add roughly 3–4 mph to your charging time.

Consequently, a full charge might take anywhere from 20 to 24 hours with Level 1 charging stations and 6 to 8 hours with Level 2 charging stations for a typical 75 kWh battery capacity.

When thinking about charging time, temperature is also a key factor.