Can you tell me how much the Ford Protect Premium service package costs?

The Ford Protect Premium Care plan is a smart investment if you want to keep your Ford in pristine shape.

The plan offers customers up to seven years of coverage with no deductible, covering both the vehicle's mechanical and cosmetic components.

Because of the strategy, clients may rest easy knowing that their interests are always protected.

The plan provides coverage for up to two keys, two remote head key fobs, two rental automobiles, and $1,000 in total coverage per incident.

Additionally, purchasers may rest easy knowing that all Ford maintenance needs are covered by this plan.

The price of the Ford Protect Premium Care Plan changes based on factors such as the vehicle's make, model year, and mileage.

Regularly, the cheapest option is three years of coverage at $799, with seven years costing $1,199.

Customers should view this as a fantastic opportunity to ensure the durability, dependability, and security of their vehicles.