Compared the F150 Lightning, Rivian, and Tesla Cybertruck: Which Will I Buy?

I've had the chance to take the Cybertruck from Tesla, the R1T from Rivian,

and the F-150 Lightning for a test drive, and I'm trying to decide which one I should buy.In the end,

I think that the Cybertruck delivers the best performance and efficiency ratio. While its dual-motor layout makes it highly capable off-road, its futuristic look appeals to me.

Although the F-150 Lightning also boasts some intriguing characteristics, the Cybertruck just stands out as being more interesting and unusual.

The Rivian R1T is a striking vehicle, but in my opinion, its greater price doesn't quite justify its superior value.

I've decided that my next car purchase will be a Tesla Cybertruck for the time being.