Cost of Insuring a 2022 Tesla Model X Insurance?

The price of car insurance for a Tesla varies widely depending on factors such as the driver's driving record, where they live, and the model and trim level of the vehicle chosen.

While most major insurance providers do cover Tesla vehicles, your particular model may be considered an exotic or luxury vehicle, which would result in higher premiums from your insurer.

Each Tesla Insurance policy's value will be different based on factors such as the policyholder's driving record

and other characteristics typically used to calculate insurance premiums.

Auto insurance for a Tesla Model S typically costs $2,280 per year, or $190 per month.

For Tesla Auto Insurance, the yearly/monthly total is $2,946 ($246).

Our research shows that the average annual cost of car insurance for Tesla Model 3 drivers is $2,309.

This is the case with Progressive, which is the most popular insurance provider for newer vehicles.

To help you find affordable coverage for your Tesla Model X EV, we compared various auto insurance policies to determine your potential savings.

You should compare car insurance rates for the Tesla Model X from leading companies using our free online tool if you plan on financing the vehicle.

Most lenders will require you to have high Tesla Model X insurance options, including full comprehensive insurance.

The Model S was the Tesla that really got the company noticed.

The base model of this high-end full-size sedan has an average annual insurance premium of $3,673.

which can also increase premiums. Ultimately, it all adds up to higher insurance rates for Tesla owners.