Does Anyone Know The Price Of A Rivian R1T?

In response to inflation, rising costs for raw materials and parts, and an extended shortage of chips,

the recently publicised automaker Rivian increased prices for its fully electric R1T pickup truck by 17%, its fully electric R1S SUV by roughly 20%.

Additionally, the upgrades are a part of Rivians broader plans to introduce a new two-motor version of the Rivian R1T in 2024.

In 2020, Rivian confirmed that the base price of its electric pickup R1T, which it had previously said would be released in 2022, would now start at $67,500.

Rivian also announced that the two-motor configuration for its R1T electric pickup truck and R1S electric SUV,

as well as the smaller Standard battery pack option, which is good for 260 miles of range, would be available for preorder.

Options for the Rivians R1T Launch Edition for 2022 are largely the same as those for the R1T Adventure, with the exception of a larger (314 miles) battery pack, a powered tonneau cover, and an AWD quad-motor.

Although the Rivians R1T Launch Edition and Adventure trims both started at $77,500, the more

affordable SUV, in Explore trim, would have started at $70,000.