Elon Musk claims that the cybertruck is "waterproof enough" to traverse lakes and oceans.

Elon Musk recently discussed the possibility of Tesla's forthcoming Cybertruck being waterproof enough to travel through lakes and oceans in a tweet.

The tweet aroused a lot of curiosity because many people were curious about the reliability of the vehicle's waterproofing.

Musk reassured supporters, nevertheless, that it will be able to travel across water. The vehicle, according to Musk,

is built with a "fully sealed construction," and its windows are composed of an incredibly tough stainless steel alloy that can fend off water damage.

Musk also promised to include other capabilities including a wading mode, which will make it possible for the truck to easily navigate shallow waters.

Elon Musk is confident that the Cybertruck will have no trouble, regardless of how deep the water is, travelling through any form of water.