Ford Predicts March Release Of Meb-Based Electric Crossover

This article reports that Ford is expected to unveil a crossover based on the Volkswagen MEB platform in March.

This platform is used by VW to produce all-electric vehicles. Ford plans to make 1.2 million vehicles on this platform,

twice as many as originally planned. Ford is expected to unveil its first electric crossover based on Volkswagen's electric vehicle platform,

the MEB, in March. This follows the announcement of two Ford SUVs that will use Ford’s own technology and the company’s plans to launch a

 number of future electric cars. The MEB platform has been developed by VW Group over the past year and will be used for VW’s ID4 crossover and other EVs from the group.

 Ford is now expected to unveil a new electric crossover based on the same MEB platform in March.

The vehicle will be part of Ford's plan to make 1.2 million vehicles for the European market and will be the first of its kind from the German auto giant.