How Do I Pay At A Tesla Supercharger? ?

This article describes how to pay for charging at a Tesla Supercharger.

You can either have a credit card saved in your Tesla account or use free Supercharger credits.

If you don't have either of these options, Tesla may charge you a fee for charging without specifying a payment method.

Located Tesla Supercharging Stations are a convenient way for Tesla owners to travel long distances.

With so many Supercharging Stations located along major interstate routes, it is easy to plan your long distance travel and get the charge you need along the way.

The cost of Supercharging varies depending on the type of EV you own and its generation.

To pay at a Tesla Supercharger, simply log into your account at or use the Tesla app on your phone.

When your Tesla arrives at the Supercharger, it will automatically recognize your account and begin charging.

 If you have free Supercharger credits, they will be applied to your charging session and you won't be charged for that session.

You can also use the website or app to view your Supercharging history, manage your account online, and set up future supercharging sessions by specifying a payment method.

 The only way to pay at the moment is with a credit card.