How far can a semi truck travel with a full tank?

How far a semi truck can travel on a full tank of petrol is covered in this article.

 A vehicle with twin fuel tanks can drive about 2,100 miles on a full tank thanks to the average fuel efficiency of current trucks,

which is roughly 7 miles per gallon. With a 150 gallon fuel tank capacity for the majority of new Freightliner trucks and a 100 gallon tank for the tractor,

there is enough gasoline to support the truck's whole weight. The tank, which is mounted on the side of the truck,

contains enough fuel to support the tractor's weight. Before needing to refuel, this kind of semi-truck can go up to 1,400 miles on a full tank.

Although the enhanced fuel efficiency of more recent vehicles may allow them to go further,

all trucks eventually need to stop and refill. How far can a semi-truck travel on a full tank, then?