How Far Can You Drive On A Rivian's Battery?

Estimates for the R1(314 T's miles) and the R1S's (316 miles)

range are based on the vehicle's use of a larger battery pack, four motors, all-wheel drive, and 21-inch wheels.

The larger battery pack is standard on the R1T and has an estimated range of 314 miles according to the EPA;

however, in the market for RIVIANs, where adventure and off-roading are highly valued, every mile counts.

The R1T pickup will have 314 miles and 70 miles per gallon for a large pack configuration,

while the R1S SUV will have 316 miles and 69 miles per gallon.

These numbers fall far short of the 400+ mile range that Rivians claims its 180.0-kWh Max battery pack option will deliver to any Rivian vehicle.