How long does it take to completely charge a Ford F-150 electric vehicle?

Electric Ford F-150 pickups can take anywhere from an hour to twelve hours to fully charge, depending on the charger.

An F-150 e-truck, for instance, might need up to 12 hours to fully charge using a Level 1 charger (a regular 120-volt wall socket).

But if you have access to a Level 2 or higher charging station, your electric truck can be fully charged in about one hour.

Your Ford F-150 electric truck's charging time will be determined in part by the capacity of the battery pack it uses.

As a rule of thumb, charging a larger battery will take longer, whereas a smaller battery may charge more quickly.

With a high-speed DC fast charger and a sophisticated lithium-ion battery pack,

you can get a full charge in under 30 minutes for your Ford F-150.