How Long To Get 2023 Ford Maverick After Ordering?

This article reports that the Ford Maverick order books for the 2023 model year are closed after just five days

and that customers who want a Maverick in the 2023 model year will have to wait over six months for delivery.

 The leaked official bulletin states that due to the high demand for the hybrid Maverick, Ford has decided to transition like it

did last year with the 2022 model year buyers and unfortunately that means closed order books for the 2023 model.

Ford’s production capacity is already stretched to its limits and this transition from one model year to another will take longer than usual.

The good news is that customers who have already placed orders for their Maverick will not have to wait too long

as Ford has scheduled order banks for the 2021 model year in January 2021.

Unfortunately, with such high demand for the hybrid Maverick, new buyers may find themselves waiting over

six months from when they place their orders until they receive their vehicle.

Ford opened the books for the 2023 model year Mavericks back in September 15th

 but due to flocking curious new buyers and exceeding expected delivery times, Ford authority has had to adjust their estimations.