How Many 2023 Ford Mavericks Were Ordered?

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This article reports that Ford is closing the order books for the 2023 Ford Maverick after roughly a week,

with dealers being able to order 2023 models year Mavericks for their own inventory and those delivered can be bought off the lot.

Ford had posted real dealer bulletins that were leaked on a Maverick forum page, which gave a rough timeline of when the order books would be opening and closing.

After the official bulletin was leaked, many members on the club forum were speculating about how many Mavericks were going to be ordered before the deadline.

On September 15th, Ford announced that dealers can open their order books for 2023 models and close them in roughly a week after.

Over the last few days, dealers have been busy building customer orders for the 2023 Ford Mavericks.

Many dealers have bought a lot of Mavericks to build their own inventory and are now looking to purchase limited stock from other dealers.