How many miles can a fully-fueled semi-truck travel before it needs to refuel?

This article provides information regarding the distance that can be travelled by a semi-truck with a full tank of gasoline.

Because modern trucks have an average fuel efficiency of approximately 7 miles per gallon,

a vehicle that has two fuel tanks may go approximately 2,100 miles on a single tank of fuel when both tanks are filled.

Because the fuel tank capacity of the majority of new Freightliner trucks is 150 gallons,

and the tank capacity of the tractor is 100 gallons,

there is sufficient gasoline to support the entire weight of the truck.

The fuel tank, which is attached to the side of the truck,

has a capacity that is sufficient to support the weight of the tractor.

This category of tractor-trailer can go up to 1,400 miles on a single tank of fuel before requiring refuelling.

Even if newer, more fuel-efficient cars might be able to travel further than older ones, at some point,

even the most long-distance-capable trucks have to pull over and get refuelled.

If a semi-fuel truck's tank is completely filled, how far can it travel?