How Much Did the Price of the Model S Drop?

Tesla has long been recognised for its high-end vehicles, and the Model S is no exception.

According to Electrek, Tesla significantly reduced the cost of its long-range Model S on Tuesday.

Range Plus version of the automobile now costs $67,000 instead of its original beginning price of $74,900, a decrease of roughly 10%.

This is fantastic news for anyone wishing to purchase a luxury vehicle at a competitive price.

Just one day after Tesla stated it will be lowering the price of the Model 3 and Model X, the price reduction has already taken place.

This most recent action is perceived as a response to rival electric vehicle manufacturer Lucid Motors' aggressive competitiveness.

For years, Tesla's Model S has been the top electric sedan, but with more consumers entering the market, a price reduction was unavoidable.

The base model's increased range may be sufficient to draw in some new customers, as well as their window decals promoting "Air Luxury" technology.