How much does a Tesla Model S battery replacement cost?

The price of replacing a Tesla Model S car's battery is covered in this article.

A Canadian guy who paid $140,000 for a Tesla Model S alleges the battery failed, and Tesla has estimated that replacing the battery will cost $26,000.

Thankfully, a Model S owner was able to locate a non-Tesla repair facility that replaced the battery pack for a small portion of the $ 22, 000 Tesla demanded for a total replacement.

The auto body company was able to fix the car at a fraction of the price by using Tesla Model S battery modules.

This account was posted to the Tesla Repair Community website, a discussion board where Model S owners can exchange experiences and advice.

It's important to note that a Canadian man lost his life trying to fix his own battery and it caught fire.

 Therefore, it is best to hire a professional who can replace the battery in your Model S safely and affordably.

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, stated in April that upgrading the battery pack in a more recent Model 3 vehicle is less

expensive than upgrading individual battery modules in older Model S and Model X vehicles.

This means that it's not required to replace the entire pack if only part of the batteries need to be changed.

A number of electric vehicles are currently on the road, and Tesla will soon begin selling affordable replacement batteries for older models, according to Musk.

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