How Much Does A Tesla Model S Cost To Fully Charge?

This page describes the operation of Tesla's regenerative braking technology.

In this article, the cost of completely charging a Tesla Model S is discussed.

The cost of charging the vehicle at a rapid charge location is roughly four cents per mile, compared to an average cost of $15.8 when using a household charger.

 This is due to the 75 kWh battery size and 1,200-mile range of the Tesla Model S.

Due to inefficient home chargers, the cost of electricity is 15% higher than the national average of 11.5 cents per kWh. As a result,

the price for an average electricity expense works out to be 15.42 cents per kWh.

It is more affordable than home charging at 11 cents per kWh with 95% efficiency and charging at a DCFC or Supercharger equivalent.

To figure out the projected monthly costs for charging a Tesla Model S, multiply the estimated monthly mileage by four cents,

then add 15.42 cents per kwh multiplied by the battery capacity (75 kwh).

With a 75 kwh battery and lengthy ranges, the Tesla Model S normally pays about four cents per mile in this scenario.

The domestic rate of 15.42 cents per kwh would apply if someone used a rapid charge point.

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