How Much Horsepower Will A 2023 Corvette Have?

This article summarizes the horsepower output of a 2023 Corvette. The new LT6 engine is supposed to produce 460 hp.

The new Z06 Horsepower Output is supposed to be 595 hp.

Fabspeed Motorsport is a company that specializes in Chevy performance parts and has already tested the new LT6 engine in a C7 Corvette Z06.

They have also included a 36-gallon fuel tank, which is bigger than the standard sports 18.5-gallon tank. On a dyno, the new Z06 sports an impressive 595 hp rating.

That’s the most powerful production Corvette ever,

and it’s even more impressive when you consider that Chevrolet engineers were able to fit the same engine into a Stingray that fits a wider stance of 3.6 inches.

This allowed for larger wheels and wider tires.