How much horsepower will a Corvette have in 2023?

The 2023 Corvette's horsepower rating is summarised in this article. 460 horsepower is the anticipated output of the new LT6 engine.

It is estimated that the new Z06 will produce 595 horsepower.

A C7 Corvette Z06 powered by the new LT6 engine has already been evaluated by Fabspeed Motorsport, a business that specialises in Chevy performance equipment.

Additionally, they have a 36-gallon fuel tank, which is larger than the typical sporting 18.5-gallon tank.

The BMW Z06's outstanding 595 horsepower rating on a dyno is impressive.

The fact that Chevrolet engineers were able to instal the same engine into a Stingray with a wider stance of 3.6 inches makes it even more astounding that this is the most potent production Corvette ever.

Wider wheels and tyres were made possible as a result.