How Much Is A 2023 Corvette Going To Cost?

This article discusses how the price for the 2023 Corvette will change, with the base model starting at $ 106,395 and the 1LZ Convertible starting at $ 113,895.

The Z06 and ZR1 models will be priced higher, with the Z06 estimated to start at $ 112,495 and the ZR1 at $ 126,395.

The C8 Corvette will hit the roads in 2021 and has been compared to European supercars like Ferrari and Lamborghini.

However, its starting price of $ 106,395 is much lower than many of these cars.

Including destination charges, the starting price for a 2023 Corvette coupe is around $ 116,495.

This is still significantly lower than many other Vettes like the C8 Z06 which has an expected starting price of over $ 120K.

The Stingray has seen increases due to the popularity of certain options like the 2LT and 3LT trim levels.

Chevrolet has also added a destination charge to all Corvette orders this July.