How Much Will 2023 Ford Maverick Cost?

This article discusses the 2020 Ford Maverick and its various trim levels.

The Tremor Off-Road package is available for an additional $ 4,500 and includes a Trail Control system. The truck starts around $ 21,000.

Ride Tremor equipped Mavericks feature 17-inch wheels, standard terrain tires and Ford's Trail Control System for easier off-roading.

The new Tremor package is available on XLT and Lariat trims, adding a low speed cruise control system for trails, skid plates and additional off-road oriented equipment.

The FX4 version of the Maverick is more off road oriented with larger wheels, all terrain tires and a special suspension setup that allows for better ride on rough roads.

Ford Motor Company saw an opportunity and introduced the competent compact pickup to the market.

The base level Maverick starts at around $21,000 mark and can go up considerably more money depending on what options you choose.

The Ford Maverick is a one hand drive compact pickup that can accommodate five passengers comfortably.