How Much Will The Model S Plaid Cost?

This article discusses the different features of Tesla's Model S Plaid, including its 1,020 horsepower, 2.5-second 0-to-60-mph time, and 340-mile estimated range.

The Model X crossover will have 1,020 hp, a 2.5-second 0-to-60-mph time, and a 163-mph top speed;

the Model Y starts at $54,190 for the base Long Range model that is capable of going an EPA-estimated 326 miles on a full charge of its battery pack.

However, the most expensive variant of the Tesla Model S Plaid will feature a 100-kWh battery pack and a horsepower rating that is higher than many supercars today.

This new Model S Plaid can reach top speeds of 200 miles per hour and 0-to-60 mph in 1.99 seconds, which is faster than most cars on the market.

 The battery will also last up to 60 miles longer than the standard model and should achieve EPA range figures of 350 or 390 miles depending on tire combination and other wear factors.

Tesla says its Model S Plaid will come with a 1,020 hp powertrain and can reach a top speed of 163 mph, while achieving the 0-60 mph time in 2.5 seconds.

The base long-range model has an estimated range of 340 miles according to EPA figures and can be fully charged in as little as 30 minutes.

Tesla's Model Y battery pack will also offer a 330-mile range along with an EPA estimated range of 315 miles for its Model X crossover SUV.