How to Create a Spooky Monster Out of the Trunk of Your Ford Mustang Mach-E for Halloween

1. Gather all of the components that will be required, such as synthetic fur, felt, fabric glue, fabric scissors, sewing needles, buttons, and thread.

2. Using a pair of scissors, cut out pieces of fur in the shapes of your monster's eyes, nose, and teeth.

3. To create the ears, cut two large oval shapes from the felt.

4. Join the separate parts by stitching them together with a needle and thread.

5. To assemble your Halloween monster, attach each piece to the frunk by using fabric glue to secure the connection.

6. Give it personality by giving it more detail by using buttons and other objects.

7. Before applying the decal,make sure the Ford Mustang Mach-E Frunk has had ample time to fully dry for a spooky Halloween appearance.