How To Get The $7500 Electric Vehicle Tax Credit In The US

In the US, this article explains how to obtain a $7500 electric vehicle tax credit.

 The credit may only be used by the initial purchasing of a new, qualifying plug-in electric vehicle or fuel cell electric vehicle.

 Depending on the cost and the location from which crucial minerals and battery components for NA-assembled automobiles were purchased,

the credit may be used until 2023. A government incentive that makes it simpler for customers to purchase electric automobiles is the $7500 electric vehicle tax credit.

The car must be a qualified fuel cell vehicle (FCV) or a qualified plug-in electric drive motor vehicle in order to be eligible for the EV tax credit.

 Due to their final assembly taking place in the US, Hyundai and Kia electric vehicles qualify for this tax credit.

The vehicles must be plug-in hybrids and have a battery capacity of at least 5 kWh to be eligible. Before any federal tax credits,

the cost of the vehicles cannot be higher than $7500. For the car to be eligible for this tax credit,

it must have parts built using essential minerals acquired from the United States if it was purchased from a manufacturer.

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