In 2022, the Ford Maverick obliterated the Hyundai Santa Cruz.

This article discusses how the Ford Maverick is doing well in the market compared to other competing trucks.

The Ford Maverick went away in 2022, when the Ford Maverick made its comeback.

The Hyundai Santa Cruz was one of the toughest competitors for the Ford Maverick.

In the 2022 model year, the Ford Maverick went gain busters and it made sense considering the fact that it had a better design than the Hyundai Santa Cruz.

 The Ford Maverick was targeting the truck market, and it was definitely the size truck that people wanted.

 Octobers sales numbers were saying that the cheap smaller version of the Ford truck had won over many buyers.

Ford knew what they were targeting, and with their blue oval snack, they created a winning situation for themselves.