Is Ram 1500 A Luxury Car?

This article discusses the 2019 Ram 1500, which is being nominated for the 2020 Luxury Car of the Year award.

The author says that the best execution of a modern American luxury vehicle comes from Ram, with trucks like this gilded $ 66,310 pickup.

It's no surprise then that it won the Truck of the Year Award this year.

 If you're imagining luxurious cars, and picture pickup trucks gunning down highways, it's time to change that picture.

Schedule a test drive today to experience the luxury of this Ram 1500.

 You'll never look at trucks and vehicles in quite the same way again.

The Ram 1500 is not just a good pickup - it's a great luxury vehicle.

Since Ram became its own standalone brand in 2009, sales have been on the rise and in 2018,

 the Ram 1500 was one of the top three vehicles sold in the US, with sales hitting over 500K for the highest year yet.