Is The Tesla Model 3 Still A Bargain With Increased Pricing?

The Tesla Model 3 was a revolutionary car when it was released, bringing all the benefits of electric vehicle technology to an affordable price.

Recently, however, the Model 3's base price has been increased significantly, which raises the question: is it still a bargain?

While there are certainly drawbacks to the higher price tag—it’s not as affordable as before—there are some benefits.

The Model 3 now has more features and a longer range, which makes it an even better value for those looking for an EV that can go the distance.

Additionally, buyers may be able to qualify for various tax credits or other incentives which can help offset some of the additional cost.

Overall, while the increased pricing means that the Tesla Model 3 is no longer a "bargain," it's still a great option if you're in the market for an electric vehicle.

The advanced technology, improved features, and increased range make it a compelling choice despite its higher cost.