Novitec Provides 22-Inch Wheels and Carbon Aero Upgrades for the Tesla Model Y

This article details the improvements made to the Tesla Model Y, such as the upgraded Novitec suspension and carbon-fiber wheels.

These cutting-edge forged wheels, which were specifically designed for the Model Y, include a Novitec-reworked suspension system and adjustable aluminium suspension.

The Novitec NV2 wheels combine an exclusive Novitec appearance with street tyres and wheels made by the Vossen company.

These 22-inch-diameter ZR wheels are fully staggered to give the EV a balanced appearance.

Novitec also offers an adjustable aluminium suspension system to go with their new wheel design, completing the premium appearance.

 With this configuration, drivers may adjust the ride height of their cars to suit their preferences while also enjoying a better driving experience.

It is said that Novitec's modifications to the Tesla Model Y have improved handling.

 Drivers can experience a smoother and more controllable ride over difficult terrain by installing new wheels and upgrading the suspension.

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