On a brand-new Tesla semi-electric truck that broke down, Tesla was seen using mobile service.

In this piece, we'll talk about how a Tesla Semi electric vehicle has been seen bringing Tesla goods to stores.

The Tesla Semi was revealed in 2017, and customers, including PepsiCo, started receiving the production model last year. Last month,

the company received its first shipment of trucks. In order to satisfy the demands of its customers,

Tesla is currently stepping up manufacturing of the Semi, a class 8 truck that has been in development for years.

 This is a significant turning point in Tesla's development over the previous year and indicates that they are prepared to begin supplying their clients with these semi-electric trucks.

The first 100 Tesla Semi Electric Truck models were recently ordered by PepsiCo, and deliveries started in December.

Additionally, since last year, its affiliate Frito-Lay has been using a fleet of 36 Tesla Semi Trucks in California.

For those who have been waiting to get their first Tesla Semi Electric Truck delivery, this is an amazing development.